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Cavan Townlands | February 24, 2021

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Carrotubber 1609 Bodley Map

December 28, 2015 |

Ref 1609 Map 1629 Inquisition Current Name CT1 Behe Behe Behy CT2 Bruse Bruse Bruse CT3 Gartneterine Gortneterife Gorteen or Gorteenateriff CT4 Sullaghwy Sallaghy

Dineyon (parcel)

Dromgrieske (parcel)

Knocknecachie (parcel) Sallagh



Knockaghy CT5 Dromchachy Dromchachy aka Drumercharie … Read More

Cavan Parish Maps

January 4, 2015 |

Click on the Parish below to view the detailed townland map (Note some maps not yet available are in preparation)


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Cornafean 1841

January 2, 2015 |



I. Bryan GALL1GAN 40 m. 1831 lab RW, Catherine 41 wife spins, Mary 9 dau Kenny school, Anne 5, Part 2, Thomas 3 mo, Alles WALDIN 45 visitor wid m. 1821 spins R, Anne … Read More

Featured Townland: Cloggy

March 23, 2014 |

This is an aerial photo of the townland of Cloggy.

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Tithe Applotment Books of 1832

March 20, 2014 |

You can search by forename or surname, townland or parish. Bear in mind that spellings used may vary considerably from current day variations. Refer to the aliases used for each townland in the individual townland listings.

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