Breifne Journal

Volume 1

No.1 (1958)

Early Colonisation of Breifne – Philip O’Connell

Some Cavan Franciscans of the past – Rev. Canice Mooney

A Forgotten Penal Day Church in Kinlough – An t-Athair P. Ó Gallacháir

Theophilus Ó Flynn, Seanchai and Poet – Peadar S. Clancy

Cumhaid Na Cléire – Seamus Ó Mórdha

The Prehistory of the Breifne Region – Thomas J. Barron

Ordnance Survey: Statistical Reports on Parishes – Brian Ó Mórdha

Father Tom Maguire and the Clare Election – Rev. Patrick Brady

1622 Survey of Cavan – An t-Athair P. Ó Gallacháir

MacDorchaidh, Chiefs of Cinel Luacháin – Patrick Logan

No. 2 (1959)

Freemen of the Borough of Cavan – T. S. Smyth

An Irish Ms from Mountnugent – Rev. Canice Mooney

Historical Notices of the parish of Inismagrath – Francis J. MacKiernan

Sources for the life of St Mogue – Philip O’Connell

Cairt Ó Mhaolmhórdha Ó Raighilligh 1588 – Gearóid MacNiocaill

Nettles and Charlock as Famine Food – A. T. Lucas

Churches and Priests of Knockninny – Rev. Terence Small

Rev. Alexander McWhidd – a 17th Century Minister – Thomas J. Barron

Andrew Carney (1794-1864) – Philip O’Connell

Review of The High Crosses of Kells Rev. A. H. Leaden

Father Edmund Deane (1647-1717)   – Patrick McGovern

Review of Genealogical History of the O’Reilly’s – Seamus Ó Mórdha

No. 3 (1960)

Sir John Davies in Cavan in 1606 and 1610 – G.A. Hayes McCoy

Notes on the 1821 Census of Lavey parish – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

A Crosserlough poet and essayist – Philip O’Connell

Some Kilmore clergy of the 17th & 18th century – Rev. John Brady

Some County Leitrim wills – Philip O’Connell

Penal Crucifix – Ballinamore – Rev. Augustine A. Leaden

A new bronze sword from County Cavan – Joseph Raftery

The Hearth Money rolls for Tullyhunco & Tullyhaw – Rev. Francis J. MacKiernan

The Greville papers – A Co.Cavan estate on the eve of the Famine – Brian Ó Mórdha

Lavagh Latin School – Rev. Nicholas Comey

No.4 (1961)

The origins of the diocese of Kilmore – Rev. Aubrey Gwynn

The Lavey Green walk – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Stone axe head from County Cavan – Thomas J. Barron

Some Leitrim Franciscans of the past – Rev. Canice Mooney

The 1766 religious census of Kilmore and Ardagh – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Some aspects of the Ireland of 1860 – Rev. Charles J. Travers

The Lurgan epitaphs – Philip O’Connell

Father Michael Smith, Candidate for bishopric of Kilmore – Francis J. MacKiernan

Review of Where Erne & Drowes meet the sea – Francis J. MacKiernan

Father Felix McCabe (c.1750-1816) – Philip O’Connell

Volume II

No. 5 (1962)

The 1826 General Election in Cavan – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

An Irish manuscript of 1801 – Brian MacGiolla Phádraig

Brian of the Ramparts O’Rourke – Rev. Dan Gallogly

An Ghaeilge i gContae an Chabháin … (1823) – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

The line of Colonel John O’Reilly – Philip O’Connell

Maynooth matriculation lists – anon

Carrigallen parish in 1821 – Francis J. MacKiernan

Review of Ainmneacha Gaeilge na mBailte Post … – An t-Athair Padraig MacGamhna

Review of The Civil Survey (1654-6) vol. X – Francis J. MacKiernan

Review of Seán Ó Donnabháin & Eoghan Ó Comhraí – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Review of Napper Tandy & the European Crisis 1798-1803 – Rev. Patrick E. Brady

No. 6 (1963)

Life in Cavan 1800-1845 – Brian Ó Mórdha

Brian Oge O’Rourke and the Nine Years War – Rev. Dan Gallogly

An O’Reilly Genealogy – Philip O’Connell

Catholic Rent list from the diocese of Kilmore – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Anne Jane Carlile (1775-1864) – Thomas J. Barron

1821 Census – Parish of  Drumloman – John P. Wilson

Inscriptions in Magherintemple cemetery – Rev. Dan Gallogly

A County Cavan itinerary circa 1744 – Philip O’Connell

Ballinamore in 1824 – Anon

Review of The Festival of Lughnasa – Caoimhín Ó Danachair

No. 7 (1964)

The birthplace of General Philip Sheridan – Rev. Joseph B. Meehan

A letter from Missouri [1870]  – Rev. Bernard Donnelly

General Phil Sheridan – Lt Gen. M.J. Costello

Bibliography from the Library of Congress Washington DC – Anon

A Leitrim victim of the French Revolution – Rev. Canice Mooney

The McBradys – Barons of Loughtee – Seán MacBrádaigh

Some County Cavan links with Montreal – Philip O’Connell

The burning of Ballinagh May 1794 – Seamus Ó Loingsigh

Drumlomman in 1835 – John P. Wilson

The Grattan family and County Cavan – T. S. Smith

Review of Supplement to Irish families – a guide – Rev. Charles J. Travers

Review of Dinnseanchas – Rev. Dan Gallogly

No. 8 (1965)

The Great Famine in County Cavan – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Report of Bishop MacDonagh 1741 – Anon

1641 Rebellion in Leitrim – Rev. Dan Gallogly

The Kildrumfertan epitaphs – Philip O’Connell

The will and foundation of Rev.Eugene Brady 1767 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Students of All Hallows College from the diocese of Kilmore – Rev. Kilian Mitchell

Some County Cavan priests in Connecticut – Philip O’Connell

An excursion to County Cavan in 1809 – Seamus Ó Loingsigh

Some County Leitrim wills and leases II – Philip O’Connell

Review of Books & Authors of County Cavan – Rev. Charles J. Travers

Volume III

No. 9 (1966)

Seán MacDiarmada (1883-1916) – Rev. Charles J. Travers

General Philip Sheridan – a ballad – Padraic Colum

A 1798 pike head from Bailieborough – Thomas J. Barron

Rev. Joseph B. Meehan – Francis J. MacKiernan

Sir Frederick Hamilton – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Mining in Cavan – Patrick J. Flanagan

The 1852 General Election in County Cavan – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Drumlummon prospector – James P. Galligan

Some County Leitrim wills and leases III – Philip O’Connell

Review of The Cavan and Leitrim Railway – Francis J. MacKiernan

No.10 (1967)

A contribution to the study of Fenianism in Breifne – Seán O Luing

The Burrowes-Hughes by-election – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Public transport in County Leitrim – Patrick J. Flanagan

The topography of the Loch Ramor region – Philip O’Connell

Fifty years ago – Rev. Nicholas Comey

Canúint Mhuintir Chionnaith & Clann Fhear-Mhaighe – Stiofáin Ó Ceilleachair

Review of Dinnseanchas – Rev. John Murphy

No.11 (1968)

Canúint Mhuintir Chionnaith & Clann Fhear-Mhaighe – Stiofáin Ó Ceilleachair

Notes on Volunteers, Militia, Yeomanry … of County Cavan – Oliver Snoddy

The changing rural landscape of North Leitrim 1650-1850 – Seamus Grimes

Review of County Louth Archaeological Journal – Rev. Augustine H. Leaden

The Ballinamore and Ballyconnel Canal – Patrick J. Flanagan

A fourteenth century coin find from County Cavan – Michael Dolley

Timothy Godwin, Bishop of Kilmore – Rev. Thomas Halton

The Bailieboro Estate – William G. Coleman

Kilmore clergy list of 1723    – anon

No.12 (1969)

Dr Philip O’Connell [An obituary] – Francis J. MacKiernan

The Cavan Tenant Right meeting of 1850 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

The topography of Loch Ramor region II – Philip O’Connell

Kilmore clergy list of 1723 – Rev. Owen Traynor

The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell Canal II – Patrick J. Flanagan

Cavan town in 1838 (Part !) – Terence P. Cunningham

Some Irish MSS with Breifne associations – Padraig de Brún

The Sisters of Mercy in Kilmore – Rev. Augustine H. Leaden

Review of The Fermanagh Story – Francis J. MacKiernan

Volume IV

No.13 (1970)

Hugh O’Reilly (1581-1653): A reforming prelate – Séamus P. Ó Mórdha

An Ulster plantation town – Virginia – R.J. Hunter

Medieval hospital system in Breifne – Patrick Logan

Annál as Breifne – Eamonn de hÓir

Thomas Maguaran OFM (c.1640-1715) – Rev. Anselm Faulkner

Thomas Fitzsimons & the primer of the BVM  – Rev. Padraig Ó Suilleabháin

Notes on Patrick Maguire coadjutor Bishop of Kilmore – Rev. Seosamh Ó Dufaigh

Cavan Town in 1838 (Part II) – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

The Ballinamore and Ballyconnell Canal III – Patrick J. Flanagan

Review of Uber Das Nachleben St Kilians in Irland – Rev. Augustine H. Leaden

No.14 (1971)

More Kilmore clergy lists – Rev. Owen Francis Traynor

Leitrim 1600-41 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Templeport cemetery inscriptions – T. C. Maguire

Chevalier Terence de Brade – Patrick Logan

Father Tom Maguire 1792-1847 – Raymond McGovern

Cavan town in 1838 III – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Tadhg Ó Roddy and two surveys of Co. Leitrim – J. Logan

No.15 (1972)

Dr James Magauran Bishop of Ardagh (1815-29) – Rev. Owen F. Traynor

Hugh O’Reilly (1583? -1653) – A reforming prelate II – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

Parish priests of Kilmore – Francis J. MacKiernan

Some notes on Leitrim industry – Patrick J. Flanagan

Two Breifne manuscripts – Padraig de Brún

Gustavus Tuite Dalton (1811-1879) Editor of Anglo Celt – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Dr Eugene McParlan candidate for the bishopric of Kilmore – Rev. Owen F. Traynor

No.16 (1973-75)

Denis Sheridan and some of his descendants – J. G. Simms

The English undertakers in the plantation of Ulster 1610-41 – R.J. Hunter

Students of Kilmore Academy 1838-74 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

The management of the Farnham estates in the 19th century – Eileen McCourt

Ballinamore iron works 1748 – N.W. English

Matthew Gibney (1837-1925) bishop of Perth – Rev. Kilian P. Mitchell

Thomas M. O’Flynn 1881-1964 Leitrim historian – James Foran

Review of St Patrick’s College Cavan, a centenary history – Brian Ó Mórdha

Volume V

No.17 (1976)

The 1841 census of Killeshandra parish – Rev. Gerard Alwill

Students of Kilmore Academy 1838-1874 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Oughteragh in 1826 – a case study of rural sectarianism – John Logan

Megalithic tombs at Tullaghan – Denis Holly

Inscriptions in Crosserlough old cememtery – Macra na Tuaithe club

Teallach Cearbhuill: genealogy of MacBradaigh – Seán MacBradaigh

Stair nuadat Find Fenim and Sliabh nDhe … – Thomas J. Barron

No.18 (1977-78)

Sources for Cavan local history – Sarah Cullen

The muster roll of 1630: Co. Cavan – Robert J. Hunter

The 1852 Leitrim election – Liam McNiffe

A Presbyterian exodus from County Longford in 1729 – Thomas J. Barron

Markets and fairs of the town of Cavan – T. S. Smyth

Tadgh Ó Rodaighe – Padhraic P. Ó Ciardha

Students of Kilmore Academy 1839-1874 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Sliabh Guaire – Liam Ó Ceallaigh

No.19 (1979)

The O’Reillys and the kingdom of East Breifne – Katherine Simms

Philip O’Reilly OFM (c.1600-1660) – Rev. Anselm Faulkner

The Irish College in Paris & Alexander McCabe – Micheline Walsh

Drumlane old cemetery – Rev. Hugh O’Reilly

Phases of the history of Cavan town – T. S. Smyth

Students of Kilmore academy 1838-1874 – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Land trouble in Templeport 1855- Rev. Dan Gallogly

No.20 (1980-81)

Leitrim in the Parnellite split – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Some Cavan schools and teachers 1814-31 – Padraig de Brún

Patterns of education in the parish of Oughteragh 1821-71 – Marie Meehan

Students of Kilmore Academy – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Leitrim voters in Oughteragh and Cloonclare in 1852 – Liam McNiffe

An eel weir, marriage agreements from Registry of Deeds – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Volume VI

No.21 (1982)

Two historical chalices – Rev. Owen Traynor

Aspects of the literary tradition of Breifne and Fermanagh   – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

The Babingtons of Cavan – Linda J. Holdrege

The Deramfield hoard coin deposited 1641-53 – Michael Kenny

Students of Kilmore Academy – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

Inscriptions on headstones in Callowhill graveyard – B. Gallagher & J. Cassidy

Swanlinbar and its ironworks from the Registry of Deeds – Rev. Dan Gallogly

No.22 (1983-84)

James Browne Bishop of Kilmore – Rev. Donal Kerr

The Land League in Leitrim 1879-83 – Rev. Dan Gallgogly

Students of Kilmore Academy – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

A short history of Rosclogher barony 1840-60 – Liam McNiffe

The Farnham Arms Hotel from the Registry of Deeds – Rev. Dan Gallogly

No.23 (1985)

The O’Reillys and the problem of Surrender and Regrant – Ciaran F. Brady

Lisnamaine Castle – Rev. Hugh O’Reilly

Students of the Kilmore Academy – Rev. Terence P. Cunningham

The Molly Maguires in Eastern Pennsylvania 1877-89 – Rev. Gerard Smith

Cavan town and townsmen fro the Registry of Deeds Rev. Dan Gallogly

No.24 (1986)

Dr Terence P. Cunningham [Obituary] – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Brian Ó Mórdha 1918-86  [Obituary] – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Kilmore priests – Francis J. MacKiernan

Charlotte Brooke – her background and achievement – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

Defenderism in Leitrim in the 1790s – Liam Kelly

The MacBradaigh chiefs of Teallach Cearbhull – Seán MacBradaigh

Saint Máedóc and St Molaise – Charles Doherty

Father John Early: American Jesuit educator – Nicholas Varga

Hugh O’Donnell of Larkfield 1691-1754 – Proinnsíos Ó Duigneáin

The O’Reillys of Annagh – Rev. Hugh O’Reilly

Cemetery inscriptions in Cavan parish – Bríd Cahill, Fr A. Fagan & others

Volume VII

No.25 (1987)

Nicholas Conaty Bishop of Kilmore 1865-86 – Gabriel Kelly

St Bricin of Tomregan – Eugene & John O’Reilly

Hearth Roll money for the barony of Castlerahan 1664 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Index to Breifne 1959-86 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

No.26 (1988)

Breifne and its chieftains 940-1300 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

The last Lords of Leitrim: the Sons of Teige O’Rourke – Jerrold Casway

An unrecorded Tomregan megalith – John O’Reilly

The true history of Bernard Reilly – Robert Reece

An Elizabethan prelate: John Garvey – 1527-95 – Brian McCabe

Kilsherdany graveyard inscriptions – Brian Ó Mórdha

Volume VIII

No.1 (1989-90)

St Kilian: his Irish background and posthumous influence – Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich

Clogh Oughter Castle – Conleth Manning

Breifne and its chieftains 1300-1560 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Glangevlin’s Irish College – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

The importance of the tower house in medieval Breifne – Julian McCarthy

Lavey old graveyard inscriptions – Gerry Tierney

No.2 (1991)

Dr Andrew Boylan: Bishop of Kilmore (1907-1910) – Rev. Anthony Mulvey

The O’Reillys of East Breifne – Kieran Parker

The O’Reillys and McQuaids of Lisdoagh – Francis J. MacKiernan

Glangevlin’s Irish College Ardscoil Bhreifne – Seamus P. Ó Mórdha

The Cavan Inquisitions of 1588, 1590 & 1609 – T. C. Maguire

Proudly Irish: Susan McCarthy of Bawnboy – Patricia Jean Mannion

No.3 (1992-93)

The Cathedral of SS Patrick and Felim, Cavan – Francis Duffy

Dr J.C. McQuaid & Eamon de Valera: insights – Thomas P. O’Neill

The struggle for Irish women for the vote – Marie O’Neill

Early days in the penal colony of Western Australia – Rev. Gerard Cusack

Corn mills of Leitrim – Patrick Mulligan

No.30 (1994)

Kilmore Churches – Rev. Dan Gallogly

Fr Alexander J. McCabe & the Spanish Civil War – Dermot Keogh

The O’Reillys of Corlattylannan and their relations – Francis J. MacKiernan

Inscriptions from Denn old cemetery  – Ben Gaffney

No.31 (1995)

Priests and people of Kilmore – Dan Gallogly

Local relief committees in Co. Cavan 1845-47 – James Grant

Two minor septs of medieval Breifne – Ciarán Parker

Education in Cavan 1825-32 – Francis Duffy

Thomas O’Reilly (1830-72) of Lurgan and Atlanta – Rev. Kilian J. Mitchell

Inscriptions in Killeshandra old cemetery – Ursula and Aisling Woods

No.32 (1996)

Patrick Finnegan & the birth of the Irish Free State 1900-23 – Rev. Dan Gallogly

William Bedell Bishop of Kilmore 1629-42 – Rev. R. B. MacCarthy

William Hague F.R.I.A.I. – an architectural appraisal – Fergal Thomas Harron

No.33 (1997)

Denis Maguire OFM Bishop of Kilmore 1770-98 – Francis Duffy

The influence of Freemasonary in east Cavan during 1798 – Larry Conlon

The diocese of Tír Brún (Kilmore) in the middle ages – Ciarán Parker

Inscriptions in Kill cemetery, Kilnaleck – Anon

Volume IX

No.35 (1998)

Agnes O’Farrelly: crusader for a Gaelic Ireland – Madeleine Uí Mhéalóid

1821 Census of the parish of Munterconnaught – Declan Cooney

The Second Education Report for County Cavan 1824-27 – Rev. Francis Duffy

Fr John Farrelly doctor of the Sorbonne (1657-1736) – Rev. Liam Swords

County Cavan Gaol a nineteenth century prison – Noleen O’Connell-Toal

No.35 (1999)

Fr Dan Gallogly: an appreciation and bibliography – Anon

A study of eight townlands in the parish of Killeshandra – Maura Nallen

The Franciscan Friary in Cavan – Rev. Francis J. MacKiernan

Conflict over the rectory of Cinel Luachain … – Joseph Earley & Leonard Boyle

Leitrim plantation papers – Brian MacCuarta

The Irish Colleges in Spain – Monica Henchy

A journey to Cavan & Leitrim in 1849: William Power – Lynn Black

Review of The diocese of Kilmore 1800-1950 – Seán Ó Suilleabháin

No.36 (2000)

Tenant applications to Lord Farnham 1832-60 – Jacqueline Breiden

Richard Brady OFM Bishop of Kilmore 1580-16-7 – Ignatius Fennessy

Religious diversity in Cootehill in the eighteenth century – Patrick Cassidy

William Routledge 1806-76 – Francis J. MacKiernan

Lough Ramor figure – Brian McCabe

A lost headstone – Francis J. MacKiernan

Review of The missionary priests & bishops of Kilmore – Seán Ó Suilleabháin

No.37 (2001)

Early Irish church organization –the case of Drumlease …C. Etchingham & C. Swift           

Thomas Fitzsimons (1614-80) – Francis J. MacKiernan     

Do Chlann tSiomuinn – Padraig Ó Fiannachta       

The Cootes of Cootehill – Patrick Cassidy   

The Nugent family and the diocese of Kilmore in the 16th century – Colm Lennon

Convicts from Leitrim & Cavan transported to Botany Bay in the 1790s – Liam Kelly           

Matthew Gibney (1837-1925) Bishop of Perth – Rev. Kilian Mitchell        

The many missons of Matthew Gibney (part I) – Joan Frances Carney      

Old Castlerahan gravestone inscriptions – Anne Marie Smith & Ben Gaffney

Volume X

No.38 (2002) 

The growth of Methodism in Cavan & Leitrim 1750-1800 – Liam Kelly    

Henry Foxhall and the Arigna ironworks – Jane Donovan   

Report on the Arigna coalmines 1942 – Peter Rigney          

Diocese of Kilmore 1670-1728 – Francis J. MacKiernan   

The many missions of Matthew Gibney II – Joan Frances Carney 

The Quakers of Cootehill – Patrick Cassidy 

Breifne men in the Hotel Royal des Invalides – Eoghan Ó h-Annracháin   

Plaque unveiled to Captain Eoghan O’Reilly – Eugene P. Markey  

Cavan County Museum – Eugene P. Markey

No.39 (2003) 

The diocese of Kilmore and the priory of Fore: 100-1540 – Rory Masterson         

The Moravian Church in County Cavan – Patrick Cassidy  

Joseph G. Biggar: Home Rule M.P. for Cavan 1874-90 – Jack Magee       

The Saundersons of Castle Saunderson – Winifred Curtin   

Brother Potamian O’Reilly (1846-1917): A great Breifne scientist …- Annraoi de Paor   

The Celtic Times and the GAA in Cavan (1887) – Brian McCabe  

Index to Breifne Journal 1958-2002 – Liam Kelly    

No.40 (2004)

A sixteenth century saint’s life: the second life of St Maedoc – Raymond Gillespie 147

The 1641 rising in the plantation town of Belturbet – Brendan Scott

Fr Francis P. Duffy: a very Irish, Catholic, American person – Thomas J. Shelley

The Saunderson family of Clover Hill and their Co. Cavan estate – Jonathan Cherry

Dr James Gallagher Bishop of Raphoe & Kildare & Leighlin – Ciarán MacMurchaidh

The history of the Killegar estate and some documents relating to it – John Godley

The south Ulster borderland as a political frontier in the 1640s – Kevin Forkan

Arigna coal mines and the emergency – Peter Rigney

Volume XI

No. 41 (2005)

Obituary & publications of Dr Francis J. MacKiernan (1926-2005) – Liam Kelly

The Reformaton in 16th century historiography  – Brendan Scott

Anatomy of a Belfast surgeon: Sir Peter Reilly O’Connell (1860-1927) – Jack Magee

Trinity Island: a note on its history – Seamus Ó Doláin

The life and collection habits of Theophilus Butler – Sylvia Earley

Pat the Glanman: Patrick McGovern of Tullycrofton townland – Joseph McGovern

Saving the medieval building on Church Island, Garadice – Joseph E. Earley

Evacuations at Farnham House, Farnham, Co. Cavan – Robert M.Chapple

Cavan references in the journals of the RSAI – Brian McCabe

Review of Byrne’s dictionary of Irish local history … – Brendan Scott

Review of Kiltubrid Co. Leitrim: snapshots of a rural parish in the 1890s – J. Cherry

Review of History of the diocese of Clogher – Brendan Scott

Review of A Star Chamber court in Ireland: the court of Castle Chambers – G. Power

Review of Churches of the diocese of Kilmore – Raymond Dunne

Review of Aistí ag iompar. Scéil in ómós do Seamus P. Ó Mórdha –MacDara Colchúin

No.42 (2006)

The Maxwell family of Farnham; an introduction – Jonathan Cherry

A catalogue of Farnham material by Cavan County Museum – Brendan Scott

William Brady: Breifne in the new world – Pat Murphy

The Ulster refuge of the northern army – Jerrold Casway

Séamus Mag Uidhir: a scribe of Breifne and his work – Nollaig Ó Murraile

Surrender & regrant: Brian O’Rourke & Sir Nicholas Malby (1577) – C.  Maginn

Edward James Saunderson: Unionism’s first leader – Gordon Lucy

Irish discoid gravemarkers and inscriptional lettering – George Thomson

The failure of the Reformation in sixteenth century Meath – Brendan Scott

The 1733 visitation of Kilmore: window on Church of Ireland diocese – William Roulston

An introduction to Cavan County archive service – Bernie Deasy

Excavations at Farnham House, County Cavan (revisited) – Robert M.Chapple

Breifne Historical Society celebrates its Golden Jubilee – Liam Kelly

Review article: Protestants in Ireland in the 1640s – Kevin Forkan

Review of Red Hugh O’Donnell and the Nine Years War – Christopher Maginn

Review of The planters of Luggacurran, a Protestant community 1879-1927 – Liam Kelly Review of Achill Island tatie-hokers in Scotland and the Kirkintilloch tragedy – L. Kelly

Review of On the edge of the Pale: the rise and fall of Anglo Irish community – B. Scott

Review of The murder of Thomas Douglas Bateson 1851 – Brendan Scott

Review of Sir Robert Gore Booth and his landed estate in Sligo … – Jonathan Cherry

Obituary:  Phyllis Faris (1909-2006) – Anon

No.43 (2007)

Cardinal Seán Brady – Liam Kelly

A catalogue of records of the Church of Ireland in Kilmore 1828-2003 – Susan Hood

Kilmore missionary clergy in 19th century America – Tom Sullivan

Relict landscape of the Burren area of North West Cavan – Seamus Ó h-Ultacháin

The establishment of Cootehill branch railway – Jonathan A. Smyth

The limitations of Tudor reform: surrender and regrant and the O’Rourkes – C. Maginn

Cavan Royal School – David John William McCready

The Sheridan family – Don Sheridan

Breifne in nineteenth century Ontario – Pat Murphy

Faithful Teate: Cromwellian poet – Angelina Lynch

Review of Cavan 1609-1653, plantation, war and religion – Liam Kelly

Review of Local government in 19th century county Dublin: the grand jury – B. Scott

Review of Local history studies from the border counties of south Ulster – Brendan Scott

No.44 (2008)

Saints and Manuscripts in sixteenth century Breifne – Raymond Gillespie

The ÓDuibhgeannáin family of historians and the Annals … Bernadette Cunningham

Popular attitudes to formal medical care in 16th century Leitrim – Jennifer Kelly

Patrick Henry O’Rorke: an American Civil War hero – Brian Bennett

Murder in Cavan 1809-1891  – Georgina Laragy

Serving the spiritual needs of the Irish in 19th century America – Tom Sullivan

Robert Henry Johnstone and the United Irish League – William Keaveney

Edward Frederick Clarke: Breifne in Toronto – Pat Murphy

John Richard Darley (1799-1884), bishop, scholar & philanthropist – Jonathan Smyth

The First Sam Maguire All Ireland Final (1928) – Brian McCabe

Inspector John William Nixon 1880-1949     – Tom Canavan

On Shank’s mare: the folklore of feet in County Cavan – Clodagh Doyle

Brendan Coulter [An Obituary] – Anon

Review of Virtues of a wicked Earl, 3rd Earl of Leitrim (1806-78) – Liam Kelly

Review of Photographs & Photography in Irish local history – Jonathan Cherry

Review of Government, war & society in medieval Ireland  – Brendan Scott

Review of College Boys, students of St Pat’s College … – R. Dunne & F. MacKiernan

Review of Harvesting, reflections by the advisory panel … – Brendan Scott

Review of Northwest Co. Cavan Survey: an archaelogical survey – Brendan Scott

Review of Clergy of Kilmore, Elphin & Ardagh: biographical succession …– B. Scoott

Volume XII

No. 45 (2009-10)

Jonathan Cherry, ‘The 1610 Cavan town charter: an introduction and transcription’, pp 1-­‐12.

Patrick Cassidy, ‘The Quakers of County Cavan, 1655-­‐1900’, pp 13-­‐22.

Mary Sullivan, ‘Canada convicts and canals: pre-­‐famine emigration from County Cavan, 1815-­‐1844’, pp 23-­‐51.

Pat Murphy, ‘Emily Ferguson Murphy: a strenuous kicker’, pp 52-­‐60.

Jonathan A. Smyth, ‘Cemetery inscriptions from Ashfield, Clemenstown and Dernakesh’, pp 61-­‐95.

Aiden Reilly, ‘Alleviating hunger in Cavan, 1880: how the Mansion House Fund provided relief in Cavan during the Little Famine’, pp 96-­‐123.

Liam Kelly, ‘Suggested reading on the history of photography: a select bibliography’, pp 124-­‐130.

Orla Fitzpatrick, ‘The photographic guild: a circle of Cavan photographers in the 1890s’, pp 131-­‐141.

Tomás Ó Raghallaigh, ‘Iarsmaí na Gaeilge i dTeanga Tullyhunco’, pp 142-­‐145.

Brian McCabe, ‘Cavan’s first trip to Croke Park’, pp 146-­‐149.

Seán Mac Brádaigh, ‘The genealogy of Mag Shamhradháin’, pp 150-­‐153.

Book Reviews, pp 154-­‐159.

No. 46 (2011)

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