Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the vast majority of landlords in Ireland were members of the Church of Ireland, which until 1869 was the established state church. Residing in their ‘big houses’ located on beautiful demesnes, these families exerted significant influence on the political, social and economic life of local areas as well as nationally. Taking a chronological approach, this book charts the evolution of the landscape and community of Cloverhill in north Cavan, within which the Church of Ireland parish of St John’s sits, from circa 1720 until 2010. It highlights the role of the Sanderson family, who built up a large estate in the area, and who were the leading agents in the construction of St John’s Church in the mid 19th century. Drawing from a wide range of primary source material this book describes the evolution of both the built and social environment of the parish between 1860 and 2010. It highlights the powerful role played by particular individuals and the remarkable continuity that remains between the mid 19th century and the present day. In particular, it discusses how a rural Church of Ireland parish on the Cavan-Fermanagh border has evolved and adapted to the broader political, social and economic changes experienced in Ireland over the last 150 years Edition 1 ISBN / ISSN 9780906602539

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