Heart of Breifne

Heart of Breifne contents 1978-1987

Heart of Breifne 1978


Map of Parish.


Larah Parish: I gCeartlár Sliagh na nDee by Thomas J. Barron.

Priests who worked in Upper Larah by Terence Cunningham.

Matchmaking and marriage in Co. Cavan in the late nineteenth century by Anna Sexton.

Townland names in the parish of Larah by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Sean McCarthy memorial by Sean Lee.

“Ten miles from everywhere in the middle of nowhere” by Aileen McEvoy.

Hedge Schools in Larah by Áine Bean Uí Shiadhail.

Father Bernard Donnelly – A pioneer in Kansas City by Vincent Duffy.

The Architecture of Mid-Cavan by Patrick Shaffrey.

The 1833 Arms Register for Co. Cavan by William G. Coleman

The Hackler from Grousehall by Anna Sexton.

Larah, An extract from A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland by Samuel Lewis 1837

Larah P.T.A.A. variety group, photo.

Seachrán by Fiachra Mhic Bhradaigh.

Larah G.F.C. photographs

Heart of Breifne 1979


Map of Parish.


Townland names in the Parish of Lavey by Liam Ó Cealaigh.

Thatching – a dying art by Filmín Nic Chionna.

Craftsmanship and artistic expression by Aileen McEvoy.

The stream that flows into Loch Ramor by Thomas Smith.

Pat Dolan and Grousehall by Thomas J. Barron.

Contemporay ballads on Pat Dolan and the Molly Maguires by Thomas J. Barron.

Drumnaveagh National School, Lavey by Terence Cunningham.

An emigrant’s letter.

The Decay of Irish in Tullaghgarvey in the nineteenth century by Brian Ó Mórdha.

Death and burial in Co. Cavan in the late nineteenth century by Anna Sexton.

Filíocht by Bernard McDonagh.

Bailieborough – and echoes from the Year of the French by Thomas J. Barron.

“I remember, I remember” by Áine Bean Uí Shiadhail.

Heart of Breifne 1980


Map of Larah.


Fiachra Mac Bradaigh: Poet and scribe of central Cavan by Séamus P. Ó Mórdha.

Burrowes of Stradone House by Terence Cunningham.

The Last Harpers – and Breifne by Liam P. Ó Caithnia.

The exit of Protestant settlers from Co. Cavan in 1642 by Thomas J. Barron.

An Irish farmhouse at the beginning of the century by Anna Sexton.

Townland names in the Parish of Killinkere by Liam Ó’Ceallaigh.

Hearth Money Rolls 1664, Killinkeare parish

The hills of Killinkere.

Bailieborough – and echoes from from the year of the French: a postscript by Thomas J. Barron.

The Old I.R.A.: some Cavan memories

I.   Réamhrá

II.  The War of Independence: Memories by Dan McDonald

III. Memories of the struggle for Irish freedom by Seán Lee

IV.  Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh as An Srath Domhain

V.   Cumann Na mBan.

Heart of Breifne 1981


Map of Larah.


Fairy legends and beliefs of East Cavan by Bairbre Ni Fhloinn.

The man from Barnagrove by Antóin Mac Gabhann.

Townland names in the parish of Castlerahan and Munterconnaught by Liam Ó Cheallaigh.

Memories of ’47 by Tony Tighe.

The Castle at Ballynacargy by Seamus P. Mórdha.

An old Co. Cavan farmhouse by Filmín Nic Chionna.

Housing conditions in Tullaghgarvey in 1841 by Brian Ó Mórdha.

Poitín by Aine Ní Sheasnain.

Aspects of Cavan’s Postal History by Máiread Reynolds.

William Percy French’s associations with Cavan by T.S. Smyth.

Alexander McWhidd c. 1610-c.1690 by Thomas J. Barron.

Memories by Mrs Jenny Whyte.

Laragh N.S. 1928. photo

Heart of Breifne 1982



Wedgwood’s man by Máiréad Reynolds.

On Not keeping up with the Jones’s by W.H. Byers.

Down the village street by Lochlynn Mac Glynn.

Tullyco schoolchildren 1929 or 30 (Photograph).

Sidelights on some Famine Landlords by Terence Cunningham.

Townland names of Crosserlough by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Traditions that existed in my grandmother’s house by Padraic Colum.

Kids stuff by Bairbre Uí Floinn.

Eamonn De Valera – his visits to Cavan by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Traditional medicine by Aine Ní Sheasnain.

Emigration from Co. Cavan in 19th Century by Thomas J. Barron.

Heart of Breifne 1983



Breifne’s twenty five years of glory by Eddie Brady.

Culture: Irish culture by Brian S. Ó Mórdha.

Altbeagh cottage & Ravenswood by Terence Cunningham.

Greaghagaron School c.1947 (Photograph).

An Ghaeilge – Irish words used in the English of Co. Cavan by Pádraig Ó Corbaidh.

Snippets from Drumgoon by Brother Eunan Bannon.

Folklore from Larah by Bairbre Ní Fhloinn.

Father O’Flanagan’s suppressed speech.

List of stockists.

Townland names in parish of Killann by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Rats: Palindromes: Symbols by Aine Ní Sheasháin.

Emigration from Co. Cavan in the nineteenth century by Thomas J. Barron.

How Lough Gowna got its name by Frank Columb.

Religious and political agitation in Co. Cavan 1822 – 1829 by Máiréad Nic an Ghoill.

Heart of Breifne 1984



Ordnance survey: Statistical reports on parishes: Drumgoon by Brian S. Ó Mórdha.

Historic Knockbride: A May Day visit by Bridie M. Smith-Brady.

Townland names in the parish of Knockbride by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Ross Mac Cabe and some of his comtemporaries by S.P. Ó Mórdha.

Markets and fairs in county Cavan by W.H. Crawford.

Some local lore on fairs by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

Fom Redhills to Lough Sheelin: Two songs with Cavan connections by S.P. Ó Mórdha.

Joseph Biggar, the Honourable Member for Cavan by Fred Heatley.

A German clockmaker by Terence Cunningham.

Religious and political agitation in Co. Cavan 1822-1829 by Máiread Nic an Ghoill.

Dhá Dhán i nGaelige by Pascal Mac Gabhann.

An exile reflects by Jenny Whyte.

Memoir of Owen Peter Mangan, 1838-1924 by Thomas J. Barron.

Heart of Breifne 1985



A hiring fair in Cootehill by Harry Bradshaw.

The old hedge school by James Dunnery.

Memoir of Owen Peter Mangan 1838-1924 by Thomas J. Barron.

A county Cavan version of a narrative song by Seamus P. Ó Mórdha.

An early map of County Cavan by Thomas J. Barron.

Haymaking in Ireland by Jonathan Bell.

Haymaking – County Cavan style by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

Fabrique Ste-Catherine by Pierce Mulroney and Ellen Buckley.

The Canadian Prime Minister: Cavan ancestors! by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

Townland names in the parish of Lurgan by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

An old Longfield lease by Terence Cunningham.

The Toomregan carving by Thomas J. Barron.

Matchmaking and marriage revisited by Linda-May Ballard.

From Greaghittiagh and back by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

Myles the Slasher and the Bridge of Finea by Brian S Ó Mórdha.

The Poem book of the Nugents by Pádraig Ó Fágain.

A Drumgoom story of 1798 by Thomas J. Barron.

A lament for Father Patrick O’Reilly by Seamus P. Ó Mórdha.

Heart of Breifne 1986



The water wheel by Padraig Ó Mórdha.

The sale of a mill by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

The Yellow Cross by Terence Cunningham.

Killeshandra by James Dunnery.

Education in the parish of Drumgoon, 1800-1860 by Úna McGorry.

A Land War incident near Virginia by Brian McCabe.

Ordnance Survey – Statistical Reports on Parishes: Larah by Brian Ó Mórdha.

Working the bogs of Cavan by Áine Ní Sheasnáin.

Coming orange demonstration at Cootehill.

Townland names in the parish of Denn by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

A decorated stone from a cairn on Beannú (Banagher) mountain in the Denn parish by Thomas J. Barron.

The praises of Breifne by Ríonach Uíógáin.

Joyful things by Mary Moran.

Seán Ó Cléirigh from Drung and his manuscripts Séamus P. Ó Mórdha.

An old medal by Thomas J. Barron.

Heart of Breifne 1987



Flax growing in Co. Cavan in the forties by Aine Ní Sheasháin.

Scutching of flax by Peter Smith.

Memories of hard times by Bill Reilly.

Education in the parish of Drumgoon 1800-1860, Part II by Úna McGorry.

William Clarke – the Ballybay piper by Harry Bradshaw.

Reminiscences of Muff fair by Joe Ward.

Townland names in the parish of Urney and Annageliff by Liam Ó Ceallaigh.

Historic Kildrumsherdan by Bridie M. Smith.

Kingscourt and its locality by Thomas J. Barron.

Traditional herbal cures in county Cavan by Beatrice Maloney.

Herbs for Health.

The story of John Longmore.

Signs of rain.

Clonosey graveyard and friary ruins by Jude McGorry.

Postal history by T. S. Smyth.

Bunnoe Mill.

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