Map Reference Books

Civilizing Ireland: Ordnance Survey 1824-1842. Ethnography, Cartography, Translation
Stiofán Ó Cadhla 2007
Science and Cartography in the Ireland of William and Samuel Molyneux
J.H. Andrews 1980
The Maps of the Escheated Counties of Ulster, 1609-10
J.H. Andrews 1974
Map-making, Landscapes and Memory: A Geography of Colonial and Early Modern Ireland c. 1530-1750
William J. Smyth 2006
Surveying Ireland's Past: Multidisciplinary Essays in Honour of Anngret Simms
Edited by Howard B. Clarke, Jacinta Prunty and Mark Hennessy 2004
Maps and Map-Making in Local History
Jacinta Prunty 2004
The Irish Ordnance Survey: History, Culture and Memory
Gillian M. Doherty 2004
Richard Griffith 1784-1874
Edited by Gordon L. Herries Davies and R. Charles Mollan 1980
Ordnance Survey in Ireland: An Illustrated Record
Ordnance Survey of Ireland and Northern Ireland 1991
History in the Ordnance Map: an introduction for Irish readers
J.H. Andrews 1993
North from The Hook: 150 Years of the Geological Survey of Ireland
Gordon L.Herries Davies 1995