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For those of you wishing to use this site to trace your family roots, here are a few tips on how to search by name.

There are currently five sets of data containing names of individuals, each of which is separately (but easily) searchable. The records are presented in a grid and each column of the grid can be filtered instantaneously. For example, if you are researching the 1841 Census data for the name “Reilly”, you can start typing some characters in the Surname column heading and the records are filtered as you type. There are several variations of “Reilly” in the data – “O’Reilly”, “Reilly”, “Riley”, “Reilley” – to name a few. By entering any sequence of characters in the name, the list will be filtered accordingly. You can quickly experiment with different sequences – “rei”, “ril”, “ley”, etc. to see the matches. The image below shows some of the results for a filter on Townland=”arvagh” and Surname=”eil”. As you can see, the results include several variations. This capability provides an advantage over the National Archives search function which is much slower and requires the use of wild cards to get the same result.

1841 Census of Killashandra

You can search each of the four datasets by clicking on the buttons below, or from the Main Menu > Civil Records > dropdown menu.

Commonwealth Survey of 1652 – 2,201 records

This dataset includes the names of the landowners only. There are a few exceptions where tenants’ names are included. These appear in the barony of Tullyhaw and include the parishes of Drumreilly, Killinagh, Kinawley, Templeport and Tomregan.

Tithe Applotment Books of 1832 – 30,636 records

This dataset includes the names of the tenants.

Census of 1821 – 80,736 records

This is the earliest census available and records are available for 17 of the 36 counties.

Killashandra Census of 1841 – 15,439 records

This is a rich source of data with records for all individuals living in Killashandra in 1841, those deceased in the previous ten years and in many cases, data for those who had emigrated.

Griffith’s Valuation of 1857 – 28,769 records

This dataset includes the names of the tenants.

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