Feugh (Bishops) or Drumalla Townland

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NameFeugh (Bishops) or Drumalla
Irish NameFíoch an Easpaig
Logainm ID5244
BaronyLoughtee Lower

Commonwealth Survey of 1652

The Commonwealth Survey of 1652

The survey as transcribed by William Mooney in 1835 covers the entire of County Cavan and is listed in order of barony. It appears to be a unique document, and ...
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Name in 1652not listed
ProprietorLord of Cavan

Tithe Applotment Books of 1824-1834

Tithe Applotment Books of 1832

Tithes were a tax imposed on tenant farmers by the established church, the Church of Ireland. This was the main ...
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TownlandTownland Name 1832SurnameForenameYear
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughBernardThomas1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughBurnsOwen1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughCaffeyThomas1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughDonohoPatt1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughDonohoTerence1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughFitzpatrickDanl1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughFitzpatrickJames1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughGannonBernard1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughGannonMichl1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughGoreRalph1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughKinnanJohn1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughLeeCharles1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughLeePatt1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughLynchJames1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughMcartneyFrans1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughMcconnellPatt1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughMccormickBernard1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughMcguireJames1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughMooreJames1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughNowlanJohn1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughReillyBryan1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughReillyHugh1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughReillyMichl1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughReillyPhill1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughReilly1833
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFeaughSaundersonWm1833
TownlandTownland Name 1832SurnameForenameYear

Name Books of 1836

No records found

Griffith’s Valuation of 1857

Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaConnellPatrick
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaDonohoeLaurence
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaDonohoePatrick
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaDonohoePhilip
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaDonohoeThomas
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFawcettJohn
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaFitzpatrickJudith
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaGalliganMargaret
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaGannonAnne
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaGannonThomas
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaKeirnanTerence
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaLeeLuke
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaLynchPatrick
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaLynchAnne
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaMc CormickBernard
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaMc GrathJames
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaMc KeirnanMary
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaNolanPeter
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaReillyTerence
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaReillyOwen
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaReillyJohn
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaReillyJames
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaRuddanJohn
Feugh (Bishops) or DrumallaSaundersonMary

Griffith’s Valuation of 1857

The primary valuation of Ireland, or Griffith's Valuation, which was carried out between 1848 and 1864, to determine liability to pay the Poor rate (a tax for the support of ...
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