Ulster Inquisitions

Inquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hiberniae Asservatarum Repertorium Vol II details the local hearings (Inquisitions) which were held around the counties of Ulster and Leinster to enquire as to the ownership and boundaries of townlands.

These hearings took place over a number of years but it is the inquisitions of 1629, during the reign of King Charles I, which make up the vast bulk of the recorded documents relating to Cavan.

The order in which the townlands are listed generally correspond to the original schedule of grants from 1611. This makes it possible to trace the changing ownership, name changes and aliases of many townlands. It also lists sub-divisions of townlands, most of which no longer exist. Interestingly some have morphed into full townlands in their own right.  In some instances the names of tenants are provided as well as detailed descriptions of the physical boundaries and buildings encountered on the new manors/estates.

The Ulster Inquisitions: County Cavan.

The Ulster Inquisitions: Cavan Index

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