Up the Reds

The Cornafean Achievement

Published in 1990, Up The Reds is a history of the GAA in Cornafean, a small rural area, in the extremity of the Killeshandra parish in county Cavan. It is a club with a rich tradition – the most successful in Cavan. It has provided an array of star players who have backboned all of Cavan’s successful All-Ireland winning teams. Some of these legendary players are household names; the famed O’Reilly brothers  ‘Big’ Tom and John Joe, Paudge Masterson, Willie Young, Mick Dinneny, Packie Phair, Ned O’Reilly, Josie Martin, Willie Fitzpatrick, the Maguire brothers, Peadar Doyle and Seamus Morris to mention but a few.  The author, who hails from Cornafean, interviewed many of the surviving players and officials and wove a story full of the lore and legend of a most famous club. The book is also a wonderful social history of bygone days.

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